I’m not a terrible person

I’m not a bad daughter. I think I’ve been more than fair. If I were a bad daughter, my mom would be homeless right now. I have spent so much of my time, money, and energy on trying to fix her life, I’m running out of spoons (see Spoon Theory). Even now, I don’t know how to write this in a way that can convince you that I’m not a horrible person for having issues with my mother. I have a guilt that has been ingrained since I was a child, and she first blamed me for being selfish for not helping her by mowing the lawn and cleaning the house after school. I’m sorry if you don’t understand, and think I’m evil for not being a daughter filled with unconditional love, but this is not a Hallmark Channel relationship. Some people get it, and some don’t. To those of you with mom issues of your own, just know that I get it.


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